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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Politically Inspired Art: Call for Entries Extended

Last week’s online political art exhibition was a hit! (Click here to see the exhibition.) However, I failed to put a deadline on the call for entries and I’m still getting submissions. So we’re going to do Part 2 next week. Here’s the info, this time with a deadline:

Call for entries for political art, i.e., art you are making as a direct result of how politics is affecting you. The work doesn’t have to be overtly political. Here are the requirements:

  • Send entries to janechafinsblog@gmail.com.
  • Limit one image per artist.
  • Format must be jpeg, 72dpi, 10mgs or less. Larger files will be deleted.
  • Artist’s name, title, year, medium, size.
  • (optional) A brief statement (100 words or less) about how making the work was affected by politics.
  • By submitting, you grant permission for the work to be posted on Jane Chafin: Offramp if chosen.
  • Deadline Tuesday, March 7, midnight.

Thanks! See you next week.

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