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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Skip Snow’s “Virtual Reality Trump” and a Call for Entries

I’m still receiving submissions of political art even though the deadline for the exhibition has passed. One in particular, however, I want to share with you – not because it is political, but because it addresses some of the questions I’m grappling with about art in the real world vs. art in the digital world. How legitimate is an online exhibition of digital images (JPEGs) of work that is physical and meant to be hung on a wall or shown in a gallery? (As usual, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.)

Skip Snow, an LA-based artist who I used to represent and whose physical work I have shown at Offramp Gallery (Skip Snow’s Pity Party), submitted a digital work that intrigued me. The submission was sent to me via text as an Instagram one-minute video, a 3D animation that was obviously intended to be viewed digitally -- and in fact, can only be viewed digitally. 

As you'll see, Snow used his own paintings as a jumping off point to create "Virtual Reality Trump at Rally," shown here in the Instagram format.

Snow's statement: 
“There is no border between the real and virtual world.  A piece of paper on the wall covered the information I needed. I moused over a piece of paper pushing at the paper on the wall with my mouse to no effect.  My paintings try to convey this split in perception. Adding the dimension of augmented reality to them seems to drive towards a reconciliation of the physical with the virtual.  Using my work as a painter, I work with 3D modeler Oscar Alvarez. We use tools such as Maya, Unity, Photoshop, AVS audio editor to create 1-minute movie loops and animations targeting Instagram and publishing on a YouTube channel devoted only to my output as a 3D digital producer. The goal of the project is to create a full augmented reality environment using these 3D movies as objects in the real ‘augmented world.’ Adding time and sound to my paintings is thrilling.
“My path to my practice is widely varied: I have been a busboy, a cook, a waiter, an art mover, a studio assistant, a gangster, a professional artist, computer programmer and architect, a business executive, and an industry pundit. I was trained at NYU’s Experimental Theatre wing and have a need to express my voice politically given our current dire situation.” -- Skip Snow
Below is an image of one of the paintings used in the animation.

Skip Snow, Naked Man, 2017, oil on linen, 48" x 50"

Snow told me that he intends to eventually show "Virtual Reality Trump at Rally" and/or others in a gallery space using 3D technology (goggles) that immerses viewers in the work. I for one, can’t wait!

That brings me to my next call for entries:

Call For Entries for Digital Art Exhibition
  1. Work must have been created for digital consumption and can include digital images (not of physical work), video and animation. (If I’ve left out any other digital formats email me.)
  2. Send entries to janechafinsblog@gmail.com, with the subject line “digital art exhibition submission.”
  3. Limit one image per artist.
  4. Format must be a link to the work (on YouTube, Instagram, etc.) or attached to email as a jpeg, 72dpi, 10mgs or less. Larger files will be deleted.
  5. Artist’s name, title, year, medium, size (if applicable).
  6. A brief statement about the work.
  7. By submitting, you grant permission for the work to be posted on Jane Chafin: Offramp if chosen.
  8. Deadline Tuesday, April 11, midnight.

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  1. How legitimate is any work of art Jane? Art is not an axiological reality, it only exists in the minds of our particular species. Whatever one, two, or more humans define as good, bad, worthy, unworthy visuals becomes our aesthetic lexicon and our evolutional drive graves to conform to the "legitimate" group. And if you ask most people, including artists, they really believe that art is part of a cosmic reality.